Pop Sickles #68

The guys discuss Benson’s recent injury, Gotham, Surge, Rush Hour, and Brendo sings some songs.  They also answer some listener mail and take a look at another Disney Adventures!  Thanks for sharing with your friends and reviewing and rating on iTunes and everywhere else!


Pop Sickles #57

The guys answer some controversial reader mail regarding geeks and hipsters.  They also discuss the Veronica Mars movie, Cosmos, Comic-Con, Furries, Community, Lindsay Lohan, and more.  All this plus an exciting Disney Adventures!


Pop Sickles #56

The guys discuss Brendo’s editorializing in the episode descriptions, the relevance of Jack Black, Space Jam 2, WWE Films, and lots more.  There’s also Disney Adventures and lots of other exciting stuff!


Pop Sickles #54

The guys discuss breakfast foods, Seth MacFarlane, wrestling, Dave Batista, D.A.R.E., and more.  All this and Disney Adventures!  What more can you ask for?  Don’t answer that.


Pop Sickles #49

The guys wrap up Halloween 2013 and also discuss celebrity photo opportunities, The Matrix Trilogy, sensitive racial issues, and more!  They also answer some reader mail and take a look at a lackluster issue of Disney Adventures.


Pop Sickles #48

The guys discuss their visits to assorted haunted attractions, new pop culture related books they’ve read, and their collective disappointment in Escape From Tomorrow.  In case you were waiting with bated breath they also talk about the Breaking Bad finale.  If you weren’t, we also have Disney Adventures for you!


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Pop Sickles #44

The guys discuss new movie trailers, Gilmore Girls, bad Marvel movies, and so much more.  All this plus Disney Adventures! You’re welcome!


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Pop Sickles #41

The guys discuss summer movies, Community, Lois & Clark, Kim Kardashian’s baby, and other things.  All this and Disney Adventures to kick off an action packed summer!


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Pop Sickles #40

Derick, Brendo, and Benson discuss the recent events surrounding Paris Jackson and Frances Bean Cobain.  They also talk about bullying and other tales of woe from their youth.  All this plus lots more including a giant size Disney Adventures!


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Pop Sickles #39

Derick and Brendo are joined by new co-host Matt Benson as they catch up on some reader mail, talk the latest pop culture news, and take the usual look at Disney Adventures.  Also featuring the last 90210 Minute ever!